The Death of a friend

June 17, 2019

Social Media is an interesting beast. We are able to connect with so many different people from so many different backgrounds. We can start a conversation and turn the phone off and continue the conversation when its convenient for us.

We have friends in our daily life... and some of us if we are lucky enough have friends in our workplace that we are able to see for most of the week. If a co-worker passes away you would know about it the next day because there would be one less car in the parking lot, one less phone not being answered, one less person not answering the phone.

What happens if the person that passes is not someone you know personally but someone who you've been communicating with over social media.

Luckily Facebook is able to put messages up for people in memorial but sometimes long after your years worth of text messages go unanswered.

I lost a friend recently who I knew from social media, his name was Wilbur. We had an unlikely friendship, but he kept me entertained by his messages as well as his  unwavering support for my goals and endeavors. It took over 6 months before I learned of his passing. He was a great fan and friend.

Rest in Peace , Wilbur.!

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